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  • Yes Shinny,

    It has 110V AC. It came in the Vehicle. The Vehicle is a Chrysler T&C Touring Model but I believe all of the T$C's have this feature built into them. I have used it to charge my cell phone and run my computer charger so far. I think if you go to the Chrysler website you can see it there.


    Don't doubt what you said but R U sure it's 110v AC? If so did you order it as a option?

    Actually, I have been considering coming over instead of going to Md. I haven't fully decided yet. I could be absolutely content to compete in RF exclusively and may do that sometime in the future.

    Good Luck at the TMM, if I don't see you there.

    YES it was allot of fun, wish you could make the TMM but I think deep down centerfire is your passion first then rimfire and I completely understand that!!
    Good Luck at your shoot!!
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