Pointers For New Sporter Shooter?

That's a Baity's Blackhawk, I ordered it as a left port right eject but it wasn't reliable that way so I converted it back to left eject. One unexpected benefit though is that when loading if you miss the chamber as sometimes happens you can just push the misplaced round out of the right port. I liked it so much I made the same modification on my heavy guns.
Heard about them, never saw one….thanks again.
Since you indicated you ride I’ll leave you with these, only two I have left95B81B3D-5A96-4E27-B20C-86CE20163F83-80653-0000167CCF4236AF.jpeg
Nice! I don't have anything quite of that era but you've got the right brand. Speed Triple R and Street Triple R here along with Caponord, Multistrada and a little RGV 250. My brain automatically switches back to 19 year old mode on a bike.

No kidding, I had a 1st and 2nd gen Sprint and came close to a Speed Triple or Daytona, but alas…..got old(er).
I know what you mean, at 72 getting my self folded up ride the RGV puts me in need of the ibuprofen! I call the Multistrada my old man bike.

If you're just starting out you might want to try my method of aiming.

(this assumes shooting a IR50/50 target or similar)

First of all you have to have a very small dot for this method to work. I hold on the rings at the bottom of the bull... not in the center. To me, the "center" is harder to be precise than you think. That's a whole lot of white space (since you can't see the rings) and nothing to confirm that you're actually in the "center". On top of that holding off is even more of a guess. Those assumptions or guesses can easily cost you an X or a 10

If you hold on the bottom you have 5 hold points that can actually be confirmed.
1. Dot touching top of black rings.
2. Dot centered on top of black rings (use cross-hairs with bulls on either side to confirm this.
3. Dot centered in the middle of the black rings.
4. Dot centered on bottom of black rings (use cross-hairs with bulls on either side to confirm this.
5. Dot touching bottom of black rings.

That takes care of vertical holds. You'll find left and right holds also become much easier to consistently visualize.

I mentioned trying this when first starting out as I've found shooters who are used to holding in the center have a hard time adjusting to this method.

Also, don't look through the scope when you pull the trigger. You should have your dot where you want it so what's the advantage of looking through the scope? I shoot heads up so I can watch my flags and pull the trigger when they tell me to. Also, this gives your eye(s) a rest. This becomes very important later in the target (or day).

Always free recoil. the less that you touch your rifle the less things that can change as you shoot.

Good luck! Sporters are the best part of this sport.

Bruce Hornstein
Well the sporter finally got picked up from the FFL and made its first trip to the range today. Shot it with the duplex reticle FX-3 while waiting for an M-8 with FCH dot reticle. I have quite a way to go to apply all the advice provided and shoot up to the capability of the rifle, but was pleased with this for a first attempt. Thanks for the insights y'all shared.



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Looks like you are off to a good start! And look like a bit of wind from the right hand side was biting you on rows 3 and 4. Work with it, you'll do fine!