IR50/50 Indoor Sporter Nationals


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Overall 6 card agg goes to Marc Mankin at the IR50/50 Indoor Sporter Nationals today at Piney Hill with a 1494-97X. Marc won the Meters portion of the tournament with a 749-47X. Congrats to Marc on a fine performance today!

Harvey Reese, following his 10 Shot victory yesterday, took the yards portion of the tournament with an amazing 750-47X! Great shooting by Harvey!

High card of the tournament was a stunning 250-22X at yards shot by Sharon Picarelli. Hell of a fine card by Sharon!!

The IR 3-gun Nationals will finish out the weekend tomorrow. Sorry the pics of the standings are kind of sketchy, best we could do.



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Congratulations Marc nice shooting!! I think this is 2 for Marc if memory serves which is outstanding!
Congrats to Harvey on the yards portion too. 750 anytime with a sporter is special.
And Sharon, WOW!!! Great target & shooting!!
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11 shooters for a nationals?
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11 shooters for a nationals?

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