i built another 308


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ok a savage single shot action in their laminated stock, bedded with pillars, 30" 1/10 krieger. plan is to be able to accurately shoot at a 1000 yard target either mil or f class, we will see, i am at 2800 fps with h4895 with 175 bergers and now fine tuning loads. this is just a 95 palma chamber with a long throat to keep the base of the bullet in the neck.
i went to the range this am and was done and on my way home at 8 am! ok 3 sighters, and three 3 shot groups at 200. pick one and fine tune seating depth. no turn neck about .62moa. ...range is open tomorrow.
so sunday am, 5 three shot groups doing seating depth tune. wind stayed away till the last shot.
at .010 off a .399 and at .015 off a .426. fifth group had potential, .326 for 2 shots but the wind picked up and the best guess is the last shot went out at .659..just a guess. think i will try .012 off with a 5 shot group over the chrono.( all of this has been shot on a single target!)
so today i took 8 rounds ( at .012 off) to the range. shot two foulers and a sight adjustment. i wanted shots above my point of aim. 5 shoots at 100 yards .....0.347", (smaller than the .010 and .015 3 shot groups) ave velocity 2812 , 4.0/8.0. and final shot to get back to zero. now to go shoot some distance and confirm the load works. probably 200,300, 600 and then either 800, 1000 or just 1000. to this point i have completed load development and only shot 50 rounds
Pete, all load workup started at touch, and then went out. very happy with the .012 off 0.347...BUT
see the fclass forum. i have a fair amount of reloading experience for long range comp. this has me confused. my next step is to take fired cases and size them back to NEW brass size, not chamber size and shoot them. they are loaded but we have a double rail gun match this weekend so it will have to wait...honestly, dazed and confused.
so with annealled brass sized to match the new lapua palma brass i shot a 10 shot string with a 7.5 es at 2809..so i have an answer,,but not real happy
The brass may have gained some capacity.
The barrel may have gained some velocity.
You may have annealed softer then factory.
this was a major brain phart...i used sie 175 mk not the correct berger 175 vld's
will try correctly shortly!
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so while i have not given up, i have taken steps to address the issue.
i ordered 500 new palma cases....
i had never seen this packaging. a 6x100 sleeve...
pretty cool...now to weight sort


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so all 500 are done. i have 300 in 171.8 +/- .3.
i am going to resort those on either side as there are a bunch on the edge.
FINAL SORT, remember these are shot as is( neck sized.mandrel only)
172.45+/-0.15 47
172.15 +/- 0.05 60
171.85 +/_ 0.15 331 raw vol 54.85 +/_0.05
171.4 +/- 0.2 62
cost to get the 331 is basically $2 each( plus i have the other brass and lots of 308's)
still no great testing weather yet, Cactus next week.
so moving forward with only new lapua palma brass, sized and neck expanded, i tried the loads that had worked with the prior lot of brass. 2 foulers at 42.8 of 4895 and then 5 at 42.9 and 5 at 43.0. the first 3 of the 42.9 went into one small hole...i stopped and had lou murdica look at it before i screwed it up with 4 and 5, 4 went a little right and 5 back in the group. ended up with a 0.254" at 2800 fps (100 YDS) the 43.0 was not as good!. Now its time to get some zeros at 100/200/300/600/800 and 1000..this is just a fun gun ( take off the 12-42 nf and put on the 6-24x ziess)
so i went back and shot 100/200 and 300 with that load to get zeros. all went well with new brass. today was a 600 yard practice day on the 1000 yd range at ben avery. all shooters were on e targets and Bill Fuchs(sureshot tactial) allowed me to shoot on his. first shot was a litle low, i cranked up and shot again..high( first shot cold bore..ignore!) a couple more shots had good elevation but going left. cranked in 1 right and put the next 2 in the x ring...done! sat is 1000 yd practice, gonna try again! need 800 also but that is few and far between at this range.
so just back from the ik range at ben avery. bottom line good elevation but more movement left and right even in a mild breeze.
i am happy mainly 10's with a couple of 9's.
and on sat, ben avery had a 800/900/1l practice, which allowed me to check/confirm 800 and 900 yard zeros on the rifle.
all is well!