Firing Pin Spring for Nesika Action?


I have a Nesika single shot long action, possibly an type E as the serial# is E000XX. The firing pin spring appears weak (20+ y/o) and I would like to replace it, but neither Wolff nor J&P can help. Does anyone know a potential source for a replacement spring? If one cannot be found, can spring tension be increased by inserting a small spacer? Any help appreciated.
I think springs for a 700 Rem will work in a Nesika action. I have a model J and a spring for a Mod. 7 (or a 600) worked perfect in it.
Check to see which R700 action lines up with your action, bolt length for bolt length.

Steve Kostanich
Give Chad at Long Rifles Inc a call. He use to work for Nesika.

I also thing R700 springs will work, or you could try contacting Defiance Machine - the owner is the same guy that started Nesika.

Just a follow up:
I received a prompt response from Defiance, nothing from Long Rifles. I ordered Rem M700L and M700S 28# springs from Wolff, cut off two coils from the Short spring and installed it. (The 28# Wolff spring has same OD/ID and wire diameter as the Nesika, but 2 coils more and over 1.5" longer). It seems like it has restored the snap, but time will tell. Thanks to all who responded.