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Thread: Brown Precision burned?

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    Brown Precision burned?

    Received word that Brown Precision burnt.
    Any word out there?

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    Just found this on Facebook

    It was posted October 3.

    "It has been a month now and for those who have not heard, I have some tough news. On Sept. 1, Brown Precision experienced a devastating fire. Luckily no one was injured but the entire building and everything inside was lost. This is obviously a trying period for us, but we are resilient. We do not know what the next few months holds, but we haven't stayed in business for over 50 years by backing down from a challenge.
    We have always greatly valued the support and patronage of our loyal customers and the greater hunting community. Now, more than ever, we appreciate your continued support.

    -Mark Brown, The Brown Family, & Brown Precision"

    My best wishes to the family and employees and customers and hope they are back on their feet soon.


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