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Thread: .308 / 168gr MK / Varget & Velocity Question

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    .308 / 168gr MK / Varget & Velocity Question

    Understanding all barrels, conditions, user error will vary; what velocity have you found to be the sweet spot for accuracy with a .308 caliber, light varmint 27.5 Krieger, Varget powder and Sierra 168 grain Match King bullets. Thanks, Bill.

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    I am looking forward to seeing the responses you get as I have a Krieger 28" Barreled HV Contour 1:12 twist .308 and some of the 168s, that I would like to try. The Freebore was reamed for the 165 - 175s.

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    Target load: 41.7 gr Varget, LC-64, 168 HPBT, GM210M 2450 fps. silhouette load out to 500 meters. Takes down Rams with ease. Yes it groups very well at 100. This rifle is an early 700 Varmint.


    ELK load: 45.5 gr Varget, Lapua, 165 SBT, GM210M, 2810 fps through front leg and into the heart at 200 yards DOA. This rifle has a Hart at 24"

    All my .308's like a light jam.

    IMO if you have a rifle chambered in .308 you really need Varget........................
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    I shoot a 1&12 twist kreiger on a savage that John Whidden built for me that shoots great .
    40.5 gr of RL15 seated at touch . 168gr seirras barrel was chambered with a 95 Palma reamer.
    Cronographed at 2550

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    I've used this bullet in at least a couple of heavy-barreled Remingtons, a 700VS and a 700 5R Mil-Spec. It shot so well, I never tried the lighter or heavier Match Kings. I've seen fine accuracy with Varget, Reloder 15 and H4895. For me, H4895 has provided slightly better overall accuracy with a wider range of bullets than has Varget, but all three do very well with the 168 MK.

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