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Thread: In your opinion whats killing the group game

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackie schmidt View Post
    This is perhaps the biggest problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneT View Post
    What's killing every game is a lack of volunteerism. I've not shot BR (so you may ignore my input, but do so at your peril!) but I've shot in quite a few disciplines and been match director / setup flunky / assistant bottle washer, what have you. Every discipline exists because a totally committed, VOLUNTEER keeps things going. Having paid help is great, but it's not a given that it can be found. At one time, and in one discipline, we had help that would work for an additional $2 match fee. That help evaporated and the $2/shooter was of little consolation to me as I was tearing things down, alone. I got burnt out in a big hurry.

    The first thing that needs to happen, is that the need for help needs to be communicated regularly. When I started competitive shooting I didn't really give much thought to how things happened, they just did. When I finally realized how understaffed we were for setup and teardown, I threw in, but we burnt a great match director in the interim.

    A thriving discipline needs volunteers. Period.

    The very least you can do is thank your match director(s) - they've given a helluva lot to make it all happen.

    The next best thing you can do, is volunteer. Help in any way you can. There is no such thing as "don't know enough" - a strong back, skills in Excell, willingness to stay after the shoot, are all valuable assets.

    The ultimate is to give up a year to be a Match Director or some other position. You will learn a lot and will have contributed to you sport in a very tangible way. If everyone did this, I'm convinced no shooting discipline would ever dissolve.

    It's not for the glory, it's not for the girls, it's not for the money - but every sport must have volunteers. Volunteers are what keep a discipiline viable at any given club.

    What Gene says here I repeat in Capital Letters.
    It's oh so easy to criticize when your sitting on your ass, doing nothing.

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    Group Shooting Woes

    I read this thread and I can say I agree with most every opinion here. Yes group shooting is on the decline with no real solution in sight. I live in New Braunfels, Texas and shoot at Dietz rifle range. I have been shooting group for a long time and have observed a few things along the way. I help run the Bluebonnet Benchrest shoot we host each year in New Braunfels and I can agree the attendance has drastically declined. Back in the day, that is a term us old guys use, we would run three relays to accommodate all the shooters. The last two matches we could have run just one if we did not have people sharing equipment and benches. One of those we only had 20 shooters. Several reasons for this that I see.

    1. Lets face it a lot of us Benchrest shooters are getting older and no longer have the drive or energy to make a two day match.
    2. Not a lot of new group shooters. The younger guys tend to gravitate to long range, F-class, PRS type of matches. It is the new thing and it appeals to them. Those guns cost as much or more than a LV or HV rifle and you can shoot factory ammo if you desire. Its not a money issue that is causing our decline. You can even purchase an off the shelf rifle and compete. No loading or neck turning required. They can concentrate on shooting instead of messing around with loading and preparing. Young people are busy and have limited time...they want to shoot not volunteer or load.
    3. Winning is hard in this sport. You show up to a match and get to shoot against Tony, Gene, Sir Charles, you get the point. You are probably not going to do well. That is hard on an ego...and a lot of these younger guys have that in abundance.
    4. Low attendance makes hosting registered matches difficult. It takes a lot to host a registered match. Volunteers are needed to set up target frames, install the backer system, fix PA systems, order the trophies, arrange food the lunches for two days, run the computer, score the targets, arrange for target crews, write up the report for NBRSA, pay the bills, etc...etc...etc.... I can speak from experience how many actually help. Mike Bryant mentioned the challenges of running a match. The last Bluebonnet the Boyscouts did not show this year so no one to put stickers on the targets, run targets, cook the lunches. I convinced two club members to help out. One is almost 70 and the other is out past 70 years old. I volunteered my daughter to help run targets, I set targets, set up the moving backers, scored targets, and set up the computer. Two of our wives arranged for lunches. Did I mention I did not shoot. Without volunteers a club simply cannot afford to host such an event. Its hard to put on a registered match!
    5. Group shooting I've been told by younger shooters is boring. No clays shattering, no steel dings, no silhouette targets falling, etc....

    You get the point. Everyone above has valid points and I agree with most. The fact is there is competition out there from other disciplines like never before. We are not the "IN" thing any longer

    I enjoy shooting so I do a little of everything including group matches. I do like busting clays or shatterblast discs at 300 or 400 yards or ringing steel at 1000. Hitting something is satisfying and I do not blame the younger guys for preferring it....I do too. We will just have to admit to ourselves that group shooting is for the guy that loves precision, has the time to devote to it, and understands he is not going to always win. He has to be self motivated and driven to chase perfection.

    This was not intended to be gloom and doom but you see the challenge. More shooting options exist today and that my friends is "The Rest of the Story"!

    Kris Whitman

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