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Thread: Wanted to share my new project (Part 2)

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    Wanted to share my new project (Part 2)

    Some other photos....If interested in this project, please first read Part 1:


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    Wow, I thought my TM looked nice! Too bad Martin said never again...

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    Super nice!

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    What's it weigh?

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    that is a beautiful piece of wood
    nice gun

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    Thank you all for the compliments....

    Chas: We need to marry your gun with mine!...Can you imagine an offspring with the accuracy of your barrel and the looks/features of my gun?

    Kim: You ask how much does the gun weigh?...Here I go, it all depends on what class and configuration that you want to use it:

    It weighs 171 ounces exactly with Leupold scope and aluminum BR Plate on accessory rail installed (As shown in photos) which is 3 ounces above the Max limit for the LV class....I will replace the recoil pad with a slimmer aluminum plate and this will bring the gun back to 164-166 oz which is about 2-4 oz. below the maximum weight allowed for LV. I have a Steyr LG-110 with a Shilen barrel that I will use for LV and another Anschutz 9015 for LV in Field Target, so I don't anticipate ever using this gun in LV, but it is possible and very easy to convert.

    In FT configuration the RAW Knee Riser will add 27.3 oz. and the adjustable butt hook will add another 15.3 oz. but I will remove the BR forearm plate which weighs 8 oz...So in FT configuration it will roughly weigh 12.54 pounds using the Leupold Comp 40 X...
    If I decide to use a Sightron III FT 10-50 x 60 that I sometimes use for FT, this change will add 10.5 oz to the nominal 12.54 pounds of the gun for a total of 13.20 pounds; this weight is using the factory barrel....

    Lastly, there is another option: I machined a shorter barrel more convenient for FT that basically compensates for the added weight of the Sightron mentioned above thus keeping the gun at 12.5 pounds...If the Leupold is used with this shorter barrel the weight can be brought down 10.5 oz. more for a total of 11.8 pounds including RAW Knee Riser and butt hook....This weight fully loaded and ready for FT is actually light...I don't like excessively heavy guns,


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    Wow!,stunning,Awesome work!

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