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Thread: unconventional HBR stock

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pete Wass View Post
    I have had a number of HBR stocks over the years, two which were Kelbly Klubs. I liked them better than the McMillins pictured. The Edge is also good but I'd go with a Klub if I were to go again. No sweat making weight even with a thin pad. Pete
    Hi Pete. Kelbly's Hunter Class stock (the HCFB model) is a nice one, for sure. They also make this stock in a 3" version, the 'BRFB'. The 'Klub' model is actually a 3" forearm for LV/HV use.

    Hope all is well with you. -Al

    P.S. For me, the best Hunter Class stock is the original Speedy/McMillan pattern, now long out of production. Some years back, I spoke with Kelley McMillan about bringing it back.

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    Alls Well Al

    Having a great time spending the Nursing Home's money slowly. Shooting less this year, me. Finally sheding some of the stuff I have been dragging around with me for years. Taking great pleasure watching the Oriole eating an orange just outside my window as I write this.

    Life is OK.

    Hope all is well with you too.


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