Doghunter, I hear ya about wild dogs. We had packs of them in central Georgia. Nasty looking creatures without collars that haunted the river bottoms. Kept the deer looking over their shoulders. I had a pack trail me to my stand one time.

A lot of folks would abandon unwanted animals in our area. That's how these packs got started. I found a group of puppies in a culvert one time. When I came back with a box for them, they were gone.

Another time we were working on deer stands out in the middle of nowhere. Two nice young yellow labs came up and jumped in the back of the truck. Fortunately, they had plastic vet hospital collars on them. The vet helped us locate the previous owner who had given them to someone who didn't properly look after them. He took them back and found a better home for them.

I still want to know if you think the Thyacline, the Tasmanian Tiger, still exists? There has been some news of sightings recently that seem credible.