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Thread: Old barrels...

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    Old barrels...

    Two questions: re-use and storage. First, is it practical to re-use old barrels by cutting off some of the chamber end and re-chamber? I know it can be done, but is it practical? I don't shoot competition any more, but have some barrels which shot decently well, but just have too many rds through and were retired. I'd like to use some of them for range practice and local shoots. If it's reasonable, how much should be removed...basically what's the best way to do this?

    Second question: what's the best way to store barrels? I had some in barrel-style cardboard boxes, and some just wrapped in newspaper. The bores were greased and they all seem OK...but I don't have a bore-scope. Anyway, no obvious issues. I'm considering a higher grade solution; use 1.25" PVC tube with a caps on the ends and maybe a bit of heavy foam on the muzzle/crown and chamber ends. Only downside maybe is that they are pretty much air-tight.

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    IMHO, yes..
    but i would look into a bore scope....

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