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Thread: Landsend match ?

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    Landsend match ?

    Is there a HV/LV match at Landsend this coming weekend (May 30-31)?

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    There is nothing on the schedule for Lands End until July 18-19 UNL and SP. According to the schedule Raton, NM is shooting the same weekend, the Muchas Gracias. Seems weird! Maybe Tom or Ed will see this and comment.

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    hopefully at a match somewhere in the southwest region
    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Is there a HV/LV match at Landsend this coming weekend (May 30-31)?
    They had their spring shoot a little early this year. It was a couple weeks before the Springville match. Joe told me why it happened that way but I can't remember what it was exactly. Something about Tom being busy on the normal weekend.

    Mid Continent region has a jam packed schedule. Lots of shoots all summer long it seems. There's always somewhere to go. That's not a bad problem to have!

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    Land's End, Northern Colorado (Ault), Springville UT, PDTC (Deckert's-Porcupine SD), and Raton have about 10-15 overlapping shooters that try to make 'em all -- add in that these ranges are represented by three different regions and some scheduling is driven by floating holidays and the calendar becomes a real hassle. This year is pretty mixed up because Memorial Day arrived a week early, Labor Day is late, and now the weather is causing delays - Porcupine 5/30 shoot was rain delayed to 6/6.

    NOTE: The last two shoots at Porcupine/Ault are pushed up a week this year due to conflicts with the Nationals (Porcupine on 8/29-30 and the Ault Firewalker on 9/5-6)

    *Normal* scheduling would be something like this... (add in the a couple shoots at Billings, the Cactus, the East-West and the Nationals and you can fill up the whole summer)!

    Springville- First weekend in May
    Land's End - Third weekend in May
    Raton - Memorial Day (typically last weekend in May)
    Porcupine - weekend after Memorial Day (typically first weekend in June)
    Ault - second weekend in June
    Raton - third weekend in June
    Porcupine - July 4th Holiday Weekend
    ** Land End & Raton July shoots I've never really figured out - (second/third/fourth weekends in July). **
    Springville - First weekend in August
    Raton (Rattlesnake) - Third weekend in August
    Porcupine - Labor Day Weekend (typically first weekend on Sept)
    Ault (Firewalker) - second weekend on Sept
    Land's End (Purple Haze) - first weekend in Oct


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