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Thread: Wilbur Harris Memorial Benchrest Match

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    Wilbur Harris Memorial Benchrest Match

    You probably know that Wilbur created this forum, and you may know that he was: (a) a life member of the NBRSA, (b) the NBRSA Southeast Regional Director for several years, (c) a member of the SER Hall of Fame, and (d) a good guy; regrettably, he died awhile back. You probably also know that Wilbur's son Elmer has, fortunately, continued making this forum available to us -- for our reading pleasure.

    On April 8th, River Bend is hosting the "Wilbur Harris Memorial" benchrest match -- a one-day, 100 & 200 yard group match, and you're welcome to shoot with us. If you'd like an alternative to expensive, multi-day matches, and you live within "reasonable" driving distance, this match might be for you. Cost is $20.00. If you'd like to make it an overnight trip, contact Jim Andress and he may be able to arrange for you to camp at the club. For more information, see post # 1 at

    In addition to whatever money Jim Andress might pay to the top shooter(s), if at least 20 shooters shoot the match, the small group shot at each yardage will be worth $50.00 for the shooter(s) who shoot those groups (ties will be broken based on the shooters’ next smallest group).

    BTW, I'm hoping Elmer joins us at the match; if you haven't met him, hopefully, this match will afford you that opportunity -- you'll be glad you met him.
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