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Thread: USARB Transition

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    USARB Transition

    Transition in leadership of USARB. Effective February 1, members of the current Board of Directors are resigning their positions, and have elected Mark Marini to replace them as director. After eight years of service, members Joe Friedrich, Robert Zimmerman, Craig Young, and Ron Silveira have concluded that a fresh perspective and influx of enthusiasm would be good for the future of the organization, and that Mark best provides those qualities.

    Acting for USARB Directors

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    Just donít back up too much, Joe.

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    So, let me get this right? 4 good guys retired their positions, and 1 good guy is going to tackle their old jobs? Is there a desired method of contact for Mark, email, etc.?

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    USARB Transition

    You can continue going to website's "Contact" page and select link to "Send... to Board of Directors".
    And if message is addressed for Mark Marini, it will be forwarded.

    Ron S.

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    is Mark Marini a member here ?
    not sure i have seen a posting from him ?

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    This Forum is Benchrest, All Benchrest Shooters, And Only Benchrest shooting.

    Quote Originally Posted by strever View Post
    is Mark Marini a member here??
    not sure i have seen a posting from him ?
    I have never seen a post from Mark here, however, I can look up the past history of posts from Mark.
    Maybe in the future, he will post here if someone tells him about Benchrest Central and where benchrest information
    and scores are posted. Steve will know, however, I am not sure Steve is a board member.

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