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Thread: USARB Transition

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nomojo65 View Post
    It’s been awhile since I posted here, and decided I would not carry this conversation on AGN. Mark I didn’t clarify myself about weight and ftlb restrictions, these were in response to your possible future sportsman class only.

    Bottom line, I will accommodate any rules I need to keep shooting this discipline, it’s very enjoyable for me and have been blessed to shoot close to home with a group of great shooters and friends.

    I have no problem donating some monies per scorecard towards keeping the organization going and helping defray costs in the U.S..

    Hi Joe,

    Thanks, for your support.

    Would you mind sending me a private message here or on AGN?
    I'll reply with a temporary email I have set up while we wait for the USARB email to get redirected.
    I know your a good shooter and would value your thoughts on some rule changes.

    Thank You,

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtm100 View Post

    This will be my last reply to you on any forum. Its just a waste of my time and energy.
    I have all my facts correct. I checked with the previous board and heard all about you.
    So if I hear you correctly. You ran matches, raised money for your local club and then they
    club looked to distance themselves from you. What more needs to be said? I sure don't want
    any of your help. It's all been hot air anyway. Form your own club. Form your own league. I wish you all the luck in the world.

    And finally to be clear.
    The clubs near you, South Michigan Gun Club and South Michigan Pneumatics (if still in existence)
    Are welcome to submit scores for scoreline as I don't assume you speak for them.
    Hell for that matter your dad, wife and son are welcome too.

    It's really odd that you can read that and come up with that scenario... I walked away when I saw that club take monies raised by the shooters for their organization and only report some of it to the club and its president. I'm not going to have my name on that.

    Don't interpret what you want it to be. I wrote what it is and we walked away head high to shoot matches elsewhere and possibly our own club.

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