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Thread: A WOW on chambering a barrel

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    Well I guess I had a lot to learn . But now that I don't have a lathe anymore and have to depend of someone else to chamber my barrel maybe I will be able to shoot better ? LOL I'm not a gunsmith just a tinker I do have a couple guns that will shoot in the high .100's and sometimes get in the .000's that I chambered that I'm happy with . And I'm not going to buy another lathe at 82 , I'll find someone to chamber and I spend my time left shooting and buying $120 primers . And thanks for all the comments .

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    I have a steady for my SB 9A lathe at home that has a cathead built into it. I got the plans for it from Speedy when he was at TSJC. At work with the bigger lathes, I can chamber in the headstock.

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