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Thread: Custom Bulletmakers in Europe?

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    Question Custom Bulletmakers in Europe?

    Dear all,

    first of all, hope you are all well! :-)

    As the title suggests I was wondering if you know of any custom bulletmakers in Europe?

    I know of Andy's "666er" (6mm / 66grs) bullets (and I primarily use them in my Kelbly HV) --> They can be found here:

    Also there are AlpinBullets and they offer a wider range of diameters (and weights): .224, 6mm and .30 Cal.
    I also have ~1.000 6mm Bullets left in my stash and as soon my "666ers" will be depleted I will go on using these (just because I had Andy's bullets first).

    Both of the above are using J4 jackets and I guess both are very high quality (I don't dare to compare as I am still new in the game).

    Other than the 2 mentioned above, do you happen to know some more sources for high quality bullets?
    General problem is (at least in europe) that most of the time Bergers etc. are sold out and I never found a reliable source for Knight's / Bart's / ...
    Also there is a price gap of course (imported costs you more than locally sourced).
    Of course you could pre-order - but it will likely take a year (or more) until delivery.

    Looking forward for your responses!

    Best regards from Germany,

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    Hi Stephan,

    As far as I know, there is a guy in France, Alain Beaumont, and there is a guy in Spain, Herr Bezas or Besas. Alain purchased all Jean Claude Gros tooling when Jean Claude decided to stop making bullets, and I heard here and there than both Alain's 6 and 30 were excellent.

    I did order many 30 at Jean Claude and was very satisfied at shooting them. He obviously had excellent dies and knew how to use them.

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    Bullet makers in Europe

    There are several benchrest shooters making their own bullets i.e. Carlos Pacheco, Yves LeDu, Frédéric Guegan in France and soon some more but not for sale. As far as I'm aware there are also a few Fin and Swede shooters making their own, my two cents.

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