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Thread: Need a few opinions on BR equipment

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    The balance point should be right at the barrel/action joint.
    When in the bags, the heel should be just off the rear bag and the front rest should be about 3 inches back of the fore end of the stock depending on the recoil of the rifle.
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    My primary benchrest rifle's butt has a 5/8" flat on its bottom, and I can tell you that with the bag that I use, an old Edgewood with three stitches and relatively short cordura ears, the fit is perfect...but that was not always the case. Let me explain. A friend has recently taken up 1K benchrest and at the last match he got a little rear bag advice that he passed on to me. What it involves is pressing the inside base area of the ears out to make room for the butt to drop lower between the ears. (in my case low but not touching the stitching) The has made a major difference in the fit, and the overall stability of the rifle. As to the overall work-ability of flat bottomed buttstocks, take a look at the videos on Alex Wheeler's site, specifically one showing Tom running a ten shot HG group, titled "Stocks That Track". End of argument. The stock has one of Alex's Keels that has a flat bottom. IMO flat bottoms work very well, if the bag is a good fit. Suggestion: try a number of bags. The ones that do not work the best for your stock can probably be sold for most of what they cost you, and you can chalk up the difference to R&D. Afterthought: Nose heavy rifles will not track well when shot free recoil. If you hold the rifle, balance is much less critical, and some excellent short range shooters do.

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    I just wanted to update this thread. After searching for another stock to get this rifle up and going before the year was over and having no luck at all, I was able to have a local woodworker make some changes that I wanted and give it a shot.

    To recap, the buttstock was crooked, offset from center, and tapered. It would not shoot at all at 200yds in free recoil. I had it cut so the bottom was 1/2" wide and centered on the barreled action. I also added some weight to it so that it was much better balanced.

    Went to a club shoot today. The wind was 5MPH Avg., and gusts to 16MPH. Oh joy! I still managed to finish in 3rd at 200yds, and the rifle tracked and handled great! Too bad I already found another laminate stock for it that needs inletted. It's a McMillan Edge clone stock, and is very well made. The sand in my bags settled and they are fairly soft right now, but that's easily fixed.

    To top it all off, another shooter there was selling a really nice rifle at a price I couldn't pass up, so it came home with me. I was told I wasn't allowed to bring it back to shoot against them though LOL.
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