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Thread: What tuner is this?

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    What tuner is this?

    I really didn't want to go thru 16 pages of the Tuner thread
    I was cleaning out my cabinets and came across this...

    It is bored out at 1.000", but I had a shim made so I could attach it to my 0.920 smallbore barrel

    Who made it, and approx what is it worth?
    Anyone interested?
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    A cut short Lowey?

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    It loops like a Fudd tuner they have not been made in years, I had a couple years ago.

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    Good you didn’t weed thru the tuner thread. Nothing but piss & moan in it. Why it’s a “sticky” is beyond me!
    EAL looks to be right, it looks like a Fudd.
    See an old post on 6br below

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    I agree that it looks a lot like a Fudd.i disagree about the tuner thread. You just have to wade through the passing and moaning because some people ..thats all they have to do or to offere to a thread about something they either disagree with or can't comprehend. It's a shame but it's the nature of tuner threads. We can agree , disagree or we can scroll on but some people can't resist adding nothing to a thread but want to stir crap. Grown men should be able to scroll on by. We can decide what's worthwhile or not ourselves but ate forced to wade through muck to get good or bad info to base our decision on.
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