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Thread: Ricky Read has left the range (article by Gary Slawik)

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    Ricky Read has left the range (article by Gary Slawik)

    The Benchrest community has lost another H.O.F. Shooter. Ricky Read passed away Saturday, 6/4/22, he was 68 years old. Rick was a Hall Of Fame Shooter with 4 points as well as a respectful 67.0 (Silver) Precision Rifleman Points, qualifying in 2002. His quiet demeanor and patience at the bench, made Ricky a tough competitor.

    Rick retired in 2018 from Ingersoll Rand after 46 years, in his youth, Rick built muscle cars, was an avid rock climber and enjoyed hiking, including hundreds of miles on the Appalachian Trail.

    I will miss his stern advice on my shooting skills, always trying to get me to calm down and focus on the important details.

    Information regarding his services will be found on

    With Respect and Sadness

    Gary Slawik

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    I remember when he got his precision rifleman jacket and how he would just quietly kick all of our butts. Always approachable and willing to help out a new shooter his passing is definitely a loss to our community.

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    Three or four years ago, I shot next to Ricky at Sulphyr Springs. He went into the last score target with 20 X's, wiped out the first 4, and narrowly missed the last X. He looked over at me and said, "Oh well, I guess a 25 X wasn't in the cards today". Total class act guy. Soft spoken, but always willing to help or offer advice when asked. He'll be missed by many.


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    Sorry to hear of Ricky's passing, I didn't know him well but all of my interactions with him was positive. Prayers for his family and friends loss.

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    My condolence to you and his family. I know you two were friends beyond description and I'm sorry for your loss. Ricky was a great fellow and a consumate benchrest shooter. I always marveled at his accomplishments with that Hart 1A action and a Weaver T36. I shot near or next to him at many IBS nationals and at the Bud. Just the finest kind of man to be around, talk with and share a weekend at the range with. We who knew him will and do miss him.

    Was Ricky the impetus that got you into benchrest shooting? Best regards --Greg

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