Just to update everyone. First there are no restriction in place for Masks or number of people for an indoor event.

I will have the range open on Thursday Nov 11th at 9:00 am for those who show up early.

On Friday the VA UL Match will start at 10am. We will draw benches and there will be no rotation for this match or the MA UL match later. I will draw new benches for the 2nd match. We will take the lunch break after the VA UL match.

Piney will will be supplying a light lunch for this weekend. I plan on sandwich fixings on Friday. Then on Saturday and Sunday I will have Costco hotdogs - I will have chips each day. I am trying to keep it simple this year since finding a suitable caterer is impossible.

For the UL Nationals we will rotate 3 benches after each target. Everyone gets to shoot the whole range.

I will post additional info as it becomes available.