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Thread: Ammo testing vs. temperature

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    Ammo testing vs. temperature

    I am wanting to test several different brands, types and lot#'s of 22LR ammo in both my 10/22 semi and bolt 541-T. The goal is improvement for next year's PRS type competition. Problem is, it's much colder now (40-60degreesF) and will only be getting even colder through the winter. The PRS competition season will include much warmer temperatures.

    Am I wasting my time and money trying to identify the best ammo types and even lot#'s (different lot#'s made a huge difference last season with both SK Match and Eley Match ammo) in non-typical temperatures? I am NOT looking to develop ballistic dope, just ID ammo with optimum/improved precision so I can buy a season's worth at the start, and not have to switch ammo mid-season. Benchrest level precision is not required.

    Any insight appreciated.

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    Match grade ammo generally does not do nearly as well much below 50deg. Very few, good shooters test in very cold temps.

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