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Thread: Barrel Fluting

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    To add to what Oliver88 said, the one thing that many metallurgist agree on is proper cryo treating does aid in the complete martensitic transformation in alloy steels. This is particularly important in applications where ductility at specific hardness levels is required.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rubicon prec. View Post
    just because someone holds a record, that neither proves or disproves that fluting a barrel is worse than a non-fluted barrel.

    When the vast majority of barrels being used in competition are non-fluted, it pretty much puts the odds in favor of non-fluted barrels finishing on top more often. Are they not shooting fluted barrels because they don't shoot, or because the added cost and/or hassle of installing them is not worth it?
    the extra time is nt wort it just shorten the barrel.

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