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    22 Waldog

    I am in need of some dies for a 22 Waldog, 125 short, 243 neck. Does anyone have a set or know of anyone that will make a set for me? Need a neck sizer, bump die, and a seating die. A form die would be nice too.



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    Hokayyy..... since nobody seems inclined to help, some opinions.

    Regarding a "bump die".... "bump dies" died a timely death in the late 80's, they never worked, wrecked brass and were generally an idea much better while inside a feller's head than in practice. What you need is a fitted full length die. This is not a thing you can buy, it must be made for your particular chamber. NOT to your particular reamer as no 3 gunsmiths will make the same chamber with the same reamer. In fact, precious few gunsmith's can make two consecutive chambers the same size with the same reamer...... BTDTGTTS...... but I digress.

    IMO the absolute best way to approach your situation is via a custom die set from Neil Jones

    A Neil Jones set will give you a perfectly fitted sizing die which will do double doody as a truly scrupulous form die. Kinda' overkill, but a scrumptious form die (I have a half-dozen Neil Jones forming setups for various wakked out full-on wildcat rounds because in some cases only Neil can even make a die to form cases straight)

    Also, the Neil Jones seater is a little bit overkill for a beginner BUT, it's worth every penny in the long run.

    I vote for Neil Jones Custom Products because in my (well-supported) opinion this will be the most cost-effective route

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