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Thread: Great Lakes Invitational 2021, SMGC, Mattawan Mi …Deadline July 31, 2021

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    Great Lakes Invitational 2021, SMGC, Mattawan Mi …Deadline July 31, 2021

    “Great Lakes Invitational”
    (Air rifle Benchrest match USARB style competition and targets)

    Provided will be, Meals, Trophies, and Tee Shirts
    We plan to have sponsor gifts and some drawings throughout

    Sept 24-25, 2021
    Practice and setup starting noon on the 24th,
    Match ending evening of the 25th

    Southern Michigan Gun Club (SMGC Pneumatics)
    22471 38th Ave., Mattawan, MI 49071

    $125 pre-registration via Check, or Money Order
    or PayPal $130 to cover fees
    Contact Paul Becigneul for details,

    General notes about this match...

    What: “Great Lakes Invitational” Air Rifle Benchrest match
    (25 meters USARB style competition and targets)

    When: Sept 24-25, 2021, from noon on the 24th until evening on the 25th

    Where: Southern Michigan Gun Club (SMGC Pneumatics)
    22471 38th Ave., Mattawan, MI 49071

    How: …much will this cost $125 which can be pre-registered via Check, or Money
    Order, $130 PayPal

    The entry fee will include Dinner on Friday night, and Lunch on Saturday, and a cool T shirt for each Competitor, Preregistration will be required. We have the capability of hosting 30 shooters. There will be trophies as well. We are working for sponsor prizes, and we may do drawings throughout the day Saturday.

    For those traveling distance, Paw Paw, MI is closer to the range than Kalamazoo, and may provide nicer arrangements for Hotels / Motels.

    Plans are to have practice and bench assignments, and meet and greet day on Friday, then dinner. Start with the matches on Saturday morning at 9 am. The matches will consist of 2 complete (3 targets each) USARB “styled” matches with USARB targets at 25 meters. Competitors can shoot 2 rifle classes for a combined “2 gun” score, or they may shoot the same rifle twice for a chance at the best rifle in that class. Classes will be Springer, Light Gun, Heavy Gun, & Open.

    We will allow air rifles to be 177 -22 caliber. Light gun can be up to 12 FPE, Heavy can be up to 20 FPE, and Open can be up to 35 FPE… Springer is not rated with FPE

    “2 gun” aggregates will be as follows… Springer and Heavy, or Light and Heavy, or Heavy and Open… that will give shooters 3 classes in which to register for the 2 Gun recognition.

    Pre-registration is required to me Paul Becigneul at on or before July 31 2021… checks and money orders made payable to SMGC, my address is on the Registration form.

    PayPal through Chris Martin, also on the form. All shooters will sign the club waiver / release when arriving at the club. Junior shooters (those under 18) must be accompanied by an Adult. Awards will be given to all First, Second, and Third Place finishers with more than 3 shooters in a class, mentions and certificates will be made to all winners with less than 3 in a class.

    Awards will also be given for all top Finishers in each “2 Gun” division with 3 shooters in a division. Again, certificates if there are not 3 in the “2 Gun” division. Raffles / drawings will be held through the day on Saturday depending on what we pull as sponsored merchandise.

    There will be a Swap and Sale area set aside.

    Most of All….

    Why: Because this is Extremely Fun!!!


    Great Lakes Invitational 2021
    Sept 24,25 2021
    Southern Michigan Gun Club
    22471 38th Ave.
    Mattawan, MI 49071

    For registration copy this and fill it out then email it to me. Then send payment. Deadline is July 31, 2021 Paul Becigneul @



    City State and Zip:

    Tee Shirt size:

    Over 18 years old? Yes or No (any minors must be accompanied by an adult)

    How many rifles registered? 1 or 2
    Classes of rifles?
    Springer, Light gun sub 12 fpe, Heavy gun sub 20 fpe, Open sub 35 fpe

    Pellets for each rifle?

    Speed fps for each rifle?

    Scope brand, model, and magnification for each rifle?


    Payment of $125 per 2 gun Aggregate
    PayPal Add $5, $130 to cover fee PayPal to …
    Check or Money Order, payable to Southern Michigan Gun Club
    Mail check or money order with copy of registration to :

    Paul Becigneul
    8584 Rynn Rd.
    Avoca, MI 48006
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    One thing I should mention for those of you traveling with your PCP's to our beautiful range for the first time, we do have a very good compressor and fill station on site. So we can refill your pony bottle, SCBA bottle in the morning or evening to get you through the days events.

    Paul Becigneul

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    You’ll get my registration at the match Saturday July 3

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    Looks like fun, count me in.

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    I just got done building the first of 10 new target frames for the upcoming Great Lakes Invitational. Our deadline for entry is July 31, we need to be able to order Trophies and shirts and get our meals plan finalized. Please get your registration in to me this week.

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    The Tee shirts and Trophies are in we are set to hold the GLI this weekend. We have a full house and Registration is closed. Final preparations are being made. If you are signed up for this, we will see you this weekend, Friday and Saturday. Travel safe. I plan to Open up the range for practicing about noon Friday... We have the meet and greet Friday evening with Dinner. We will start shooting at 9 am Saturday right after the Safety briefing.

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    I’m leaving in about an hour for Kalamazoo, Mattawan, Paw Paw, places west for the big match.

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