Stan Ware, owner and operator of S.G.R. Custom Rifles in Westbrook, Mn. passed from this life on March 17th.

There's so much to say about Stan that it's hard to know where to start. He was not only a precision machinist, but a gunsmith in the truest sense of the word. His gunsmithing career ran the gamut from high end trap shotguns, light weight highly accurate hunting rifles (long before light weight rifles were the craze), near Benchrest-accuracy live varmint guns, and Benchrest rifles. Stan Ware 'smithed guns brought home Grand Slams in sheep as well as National Championship wins and many, many yardage and Grand Agg wins in registered Benchrest tournaments.

Lots of stories to tell and times to remember. But that can come later. Right now, it's hard enough just to get this out.

Stan, the World was truly a better place for you having been here. Thank you for all you did, my friend.