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Thread: I need a one piece redt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jerry H View Post
    I believe this the only pure joystick 1 piece rest design in existence designed for RF. It travels pretty close to true either horizontally or vertical.
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    That thing is a work of art. Have you built any for others ?
    Jerry, how much elevation can you get before you have to go to the elevation screw?

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    i built 9 total. 6 are in use. 1 disappeared after the owner passed. There are 2 left. These 9 are all prototypes that have the same general design features with a small evolution in some features. They all can cover an IR50 target diagonally corner to corner with the joystick without any supplemental adjustments if the rest is setup midrange at the center of the target paper. The rests in the picture are dual mode and the windage & elevation adjustments are not used in joystick mode. In conventional mode the joystick is not used.

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