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Thread: Greenlaw Front Rest...

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    Greenlaw Front Rest...

    After many, many, years shooting off of a Cowan Rest, I just ordered one of these:

    Dan is an excellent guy to deal with. He is very willing to modify it to suit your own personal needs and tastes. Does anyone have any input as to a modification that might make one handier?

    Iím ordering the one with adjustable windage top and 3M bags. I thought about having him make the Mariner wheels a bit longer and the base plate a bit thicker for more weight but donít know if itís necessary?

    Anybody have any suggestions while I still have time?

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    I had one & it was a nice 2nd rest. I say 2nd as it will eventually lead you to your next rest, the Randolph. The last you'll need.
    They are well made but do have some small ergonomic issues for traversing a 25 bull target. There isn't a fine elevation adjustment, except for using the rear screw. Replace it with a speed screw from Sincair if Dan doesn't make one.
    The adjustable windage top is nice but having to reach fwd to do it, the back to elevation, then back to windage is a bit on a pain. This is where the Randolph shines! All controls in one spot at the rear next to your hand.
    If shooting at single bull targets all the above will be much less of an issue.
    And your right, Dan is a great guy & builds a nice product.
    I see your also from Maine so the "buy once, cry once" is hard to accept but you've just bought your next to last rest.


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