Fellow Competitors:

We are excited to announce that ELEY Americas is an official sponsor of the 2019 ASSA National Championships! The conventional prone, F-SBR and 3-position events will be held July 6-12 at The Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH.

ELEY Americas, based in Winters, Texas is an industry leader in the manufacture of precision rimfire ammunition. Their product line includes their flagship offering TENEX, followed by Match and Edge for match quality performance. ELEY Club and Target are economical offerings for training and club level matches.

ELEY Americas also offers ammunition testing services at their 50m facility where multiple lots can be tested and matched to your rifle. Utilizing state of the art software combined with a solid test platform, shooters can be confident that the specific lots selected will perform under match conditions. Additional test facilities are located in the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and Norway.

ELEY also has provided the opportunity to review the tested performance of specific lots of ammunition though their online “Lot Analyzer”.

For additional information on the 2019 ASSA Smallbore Championships and portal for on-line entry, visit our web site at: www.americansmallbore.com.

We look forward to a long term partnership with ELEY Americas and sincerely appreciate their support in assisting ASSA with the development of conventional smallbore competition in the United States and to seeing you at the 2019 ASSA Smallbore Championships.

Best Regards,