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Thread: Looking for Advice!

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    Which site

    Quote Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
    Over on another site Slick has offered up multiple 40x’s in McMillian bedded stocks with Gorham smithed barrels at what I consider to be a reasonable price point.
    Could you point me in the right direction to be able to see these? My ears perked up when you mentioned it!


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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD28352 View Post
    Could you point me in the right direction to be able to see these? My ears perked up when you mentioned it!

    Go here >>>!
    Private message him and he will get back to you pronto.

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    More on Slick’s (Bill Casey) offerings

    Quote Originally Posted by tim View Post
    Guys, the poor guy may not have a clue who “Slick” is, he’s new with only 3 posts.
    Slick Willy is over on Rimfire Accuracy and is also known as Bill Casey.
    That said, these guys are right, the guy has a boatload of 40X’s that you can talk about and since he does have a decent track record as far as helping out, chances are if you are serious, I would not pass up the chance to score decent equipment.
    He might even have a layaway plan.

    PM me for Bill’s phone number.


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    Another nice thing

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnD28352 View Post
    I would like to thank all of you for your advice. I know this will be a pricey hobby to start. I will have to pick up what we need a piece at a time, so I don't run myself dry! I also should probably be 100% sure of her desire before I start buying in I am a lefty, she is right-handed so we really would have a hard time sharing equipment. I know I am going to get started, her I am not as sure. 13 year old girls are known to change their minds!
    Again, thanks for all the help!
    about quality equipment is that it holds value and you can resell at a latter date and recoup much of what you invested in it. --greg

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    As a 13 year old, she can shoot ABRA Factory or Unlimited, just pay for her ammo. The juniors have their own class, and with the equipment available thru Joe Chacon, she should do quite well. There are others, but Chacon's equipment seems to be the cream at the moment. If she gets to where she's winning and whooping up on the rest of the field, we will introduce her to boys.

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    Welcome to the sport! Your in a great location for rimfire benchrest. You should be too far away from Robert Oates who has guns on several price ranges for sale about all the time. Also check out there are some very good ranges in NC shooting IR5050 that would also welcome you and help any way they can. Look at the ranges tab and then North Carolina. You will find name and phone numbers for the range masters. Give them a call. They will be glad to help you out also. And if I can help in anyway, let me know 304-266-0081. and

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    The A.R.A.Junior class

    John, the A.R.A. also has a separate class for youngsters that allows them to shoot/compete with the veterans in the same competitons as everyone else,yet they have a separate division that they can compete in as well as being counted in the regular scoring to boot.Maddisyn Reed,Malachi McFarland and others are exceptional younger shooters that are doing so well their even shown in both fields as true competitors (as shown in the link below.). Check the Jr. Outdoor Unlimied A-line as the well as the Unlimited A-line and you can see they as well as others younger shooters do well in these competitions

    Guess the main thing is too get them out there to try to see if it's something they can enjoy and have fun with and off the handheld media!

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