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Thread: PSL at Chickenfoot

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    PSL at Chickenfoot

    1 Greg Monroe 12100 /2420 agg/80 X`S Kentucky
    2 Tim Longcore 11950/2390agg/69X`s Michigan
    3 Bob Cleveland 11800/2360agg/67X`s Oklahoma
    4 Tom Wilkinson 11625/2325 agg/74X`s North Carolina
    5 William Casey 11450/2290agg/60X`s Georgia
    6 Carl "CW" Johnson 11400/ 2280agg/68X`s Louisanna
    7 Jim Morehead 11375/ 2275 agg/63X`s Oklahoma
    8 Charles Wadkins 11375/2275agg/47`s Tennessee
    9 Jason ThornHill 11350 /2270agg/ 64X`s Louisianna
    10 Bill Drummond 11350/2270agg/52X`s Arkansas

    Amazing day for Kentucky Greg Monroe with his Indoor record setting score,Congrats to all the shooters on a fantastic Indoor match in the Best Specific built Indoor Range in the nation "CHICKENFOOT"

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    Would Like to Thank Everyone who made a dream a Reality !

    We had a Barn Burner Down South @ ChickenFoot ! 81 Shooters showed up for the inaugural PSL event and got to see Greg Monroe put on a show ,setting a record breaking 12,100 Total Points that was never supposed to happen !Greg shot a 2500 PSL target along the way to victory,just to bonify how well his Bo-Hoe rifle was doing ! The Indoor ARA Nationals had 100 competitors and Tim Longcore led that 100 ARA shooters to Victory traveling all the way down South from Michigan ! Thank Every One for your effort ! The rain may have kept some away ,but we never knew it! It was a great weekend of 22BRRF Indoors ! WJC

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