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Thread: Insightful info.

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    Insightful info.

    I saw this thread on another forum and although it did not get many responses, I thought interesting and I share it here.

    This is not my work. It is the work of Albert Ahighe, apparently a very smart guy.

    I believe this explains a lot about RFBR. Maybe more than we wanted to know.

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    Of course there are those

    Who believe that nothing can be learned indoors soooooooo.


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    Albert is a scientific testing maven of the first order, I think a physicist. I only wish I could grasp more of what he has offered since coming into the rimfire world.
    I have been lucky to have several exchanges with him for my never ending questions and he has been eternally patient.
    What I found utterly fascinating is that because he has some serious physical limitations he has done virtually all of this from a one piece rest of his own design......made of wood. Pretty damned impressive.
    Thanks Tony.

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