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Thread: IR5050 Super X-Man Tie and Tie-breaker

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    IR5050 Super X-Man Tie and Tie-breaker

    Clint Swigert asked me to post this for him.

    For those who are unaware of this competition it is a sponsored challenge for the top 15 ir5050 outdoor X-count targets shot during the List season – with a $1000 cash prize. I sponsor the Unlimited Class version and Wayne Wills sponsors a Sporter Class version.

    After the smoke cleared the Super-X Man competition ended in a dead-heat- George Donovan and Gary Hamilton both shot an average of 22.07 X’s for their top 15 targets.

    My intention from the beginning with this challenge was to end up with one Super X-Man so I decided the fairest way to settle this tie would be compare the next highest targets until there was a winner. This years’ competition was so close it took an additional 10 targets- 25 in total- to finally separate these two excellent shooters… and only by 1 X!

    Congratulations George Donovan- 2018 ir5050 Unlimited Super-X Man!!

    Clint Swigert
    Shooting For Perfection

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    And there are several of us that can verify all of George’s X’s

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