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  1. New N50 Club - New England Airgun Shooters in Concord, Mass.

    N50 welcomes new Massachusetts 50 yard club at New England Airgun Shooters in Concord, Ma 01742
    Contact Mark Marini for fun & details -
  2. N50 & USARB Results 6-12-22 Open Grove Results

    Cloudy & cool in the morning then sunny & warm for the 2nd match. Windy and switchy as usual.
    Ardey shot the Calfee 22RF pistol - that's tricky. Keith shot his new personally built Stiller 2500X -...
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    N50 Wed Results 6-8-22 Open Grove

    Easy conditions early but it was overcast & damp. 2nd Match was tuff. Easy winds but instantly switchy. Chased flag tails all morning.

    I updated the N50 site and facebook page. There is also a FB...
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    N50 & USARB Results 5-15-22 Open Grove

    Nice day today but windy. Second match was really windy and switchy as usual. Missing some of our regulars today
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    N50 Wed Results 5-11-22 Open Grove

    We shot our regularly scheduled N50 Wed matches today.
    Nice conditions at 1st then it got really switchy on the second card – Yikes, 2nd match last card was tuff. Dennis said wind was coming up at...
  6. New National 50 Benchrest Website Released

    We changed & updated the N50 website to We have a ways to go on the new site but we are getting there.

    Hoping to keep the old site up for good old-times' sake. It...
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    "Giving it till the end of this week." It's...

    "Giving it till the end of this week."

    It's the end of the week. Cancelled.
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    N50 & USARB Open Grove Results 4/10/2022

    Nice in the morning, 2nd match tuff as usual. Results for both clubs.


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    Cancelled - West Coast USARB Regional Open Grove

    Open Grove is happy to be hosting a Regional with limited spaces. Any questions please email or call.

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    Open Grove USARB and N50 Results 3-13-22

    Todays, Sunday, mixed N50 & USARB matches. Good turnout, nice conditions, a little tougher as the day rolled on.
    2 New shooters today, Keith took the long drive again and shot Pro & Sportsman, Tim...
  11. N50 National Benchrest League – New Facebook Page

    Keeping up with the kids. For announcements & stuff

    Stop by & say hi
  12. 50 yard March 9, 2022 Open Grove National 50 Benchrest League Results

    Today was our regularly scheduled Wednesday match. Windy switchy – tough conditions.
    It was Joe vs. the high end 22LR – one was newer Anschutz Match 54 1907 Target. And his pellet gun class hung...
  13. Thank you Steve. Durh. Do you need the scores...

    Thank you Steve. Durh.
    Do you need the scores in a different format? BTW, there is a mistake. Doug should be 2nd not 5th. The order is right....
  14. Open Grove Results 12/11 & 12/12 – N50 & USARB

    We had such a strong showing this weekend that multiple relays were required to accommodate the 21 shooters - it worked out great.

    First timers Tony & Barbara Pellegrino took the long drive up...
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    Open Grove Results N50 12/8/21 Results

    Weekly Wednesday Match

    Nice day today but irrigating the avocados close by – so that makes things tuff.
  16. Event - Open Grove N50 & USARB Schedule December 11 & 12-2021

    We have a full schedule on Sunday with now 24 shooters planned. We have 14 benches so we are splitting the field with ~12 shooters on each relay.

    1) N50 only – Saturday evening
    Saturday evening...
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    Nice way to end the year!

    Nice Ron. I haven't seen that before.

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    Open Grove Results N50 12/3/21 Results

    Tricky conditions today. Even tuff for Joe shooting Pellet. Dan still cranking his 40X – then Bob showed up with his unlimited….

  19. Open Grove Results 12/1/21 – N50 50 yards

    Whoa – fog, wet, water dripping from the rafters, then full blown sun, and weird wind for some of us…
  20. argh, sorry Steve, I forgot to forward to you.

    argh, sorry Steve, I forgot to forward to you.
  21. Open Grove Results 11/14/21 – N50 50 yards & USARB 25m

    N50: Keith & Dennis 740s in Pellet. Dan shot a 747 in Sportsman and Ardey Shot his 748 in Pro.

    USARB: Doug got his high match of 746 in LV!
  22. Open Grove Schedule - 2021 Remaining of the year

    Schedule for the remaining of the year. We will post the 2022 schedule in December as we work out the details.

    National 50:
    Wednesdays 9am
    2nd Sunday morning (full weekend)
    4th weekend, Friday...
  23. Open Grove Results 10/10/21 – N50 50 yards & USARB 25m

    One report instead of 2.

    First match started out really windy but it suddenly got better – for awhile. Second match aye yai yai it got so switchy most of us couldn't keep up with the changes. But...
  24. Sticky: Link to N50 results

    More here
  25. N50 - 50 yard & USARB - 25m Sept 12, 2021 results - Open Grove

    Between N50 & USARB we had a full house – 15 shooters so we had to double up. No room for me…
    Conditions were tricky as usual. Conditions were perfect until Joe called the line – then the wind came...
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