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  1. Larry Costa wins 2021 SE Regional, Don Hardeman shoots his way into SER Hall of Fame

    Larry wound up winning Sporter 200, Sporter Grand, 2 Gun, 3 Gun, 4 Gun as well as Southeast Region Shooter of the Year.

    Don Hardeman won UL 100, UL 200 and UL Grand winning 4 SER Hall of Fame...
  2. I know. Need to go back through the list and...

    I know. Need to go back through the list and update that. Not sure they are the only ones.
  3. SOY standings and HOF standings are attached

    Here are the Shooter of the Year standings after the Brady Knight Memorial.

    I'm also attaching the current SE Region Hall of Fame standings.


    Update 12/13/2021 - Oops! Uploaded the...
  4. Bumping to the top.

    Bumping to the top.
  5. 2021 NBRSA Southeast Regional Championship next week October 21-24

    2021 Southeast Regional Championship

    4 Day 4 Gun
    MGGOA (Home of the Shamrock) Dublin Georgia
    October 21-24, 2021

    Thursday 10/21 Unlimited 200 and Sporter 200
    Friday 10/22 Unlimited 100 and...
  6. Steve Lee wins 2021 Brady Knight Memorial 2 Gun, LV Grand, Johnnie Webb wins HV Grand

    Occasionally I get to blow my own horn. I won LV100, LV Grand and 2 Gun.

    Johnnie Webb won HV Grand

    Buddy Ross won HV 100

    Bill Von Minden won HV200

    Joe Bougard and Johnnie Webb tied in...
  7. Forgot to mention Pat Reagin won LV100. I think...

    Forgot to mention Pat Reagin won LV100. I think that may have been his first HOF point...not sure.

  8. 2021 NBRSA Grp Nats-Jeff Peinhardt wins 4Gun, Don Rosette 3Gun, Rob Seeman 2Gun

    Sorry this is late but the trip home wiped me out.

    Bob Scarbrough won HV200 and HV Grand
    Jeff Peinhardt won UL Grand
    Jack Neary won SP Grand
    Paul Pennell won LV Grand picking up (I think) his...
  9. 2021 NBRSA Group Nats Day 4-Bill Symons wins UL200, Jeff Peinhardt wins UL Grand

    Tough day. 5's were good groups. Bill used his signature machine gun technique to hammer out a .2971 agg.

    More tomorrow. Results attached.

  10. 2021 NBRSA Group Nats Day 3-Al Auman wins HV100, Jeff Gaidos 2nd, Bob Scarbrough 3rd

    It was a "sporty" day.

    Results are attached. UL200 tomorrow.

  11. Rick Pollock wins SP100, Pat Reagin wins LV100

    Results are attached...PDF only for now. Been a long day. More tomorrow.

  12. Jeff Peinhardt wins NBRSA Nats UL100, New World Record

    Jeff shot .1706 to smash Don Powell's 2018 record of .1847. George Kelbly Jr was scoring so there is 0 chance it won't hold up.

    I was shooting next to Jeff and watched him shoot his last group of...
  13. Just bumping the thread to remind everyone the...

    Just bumping the thread to remind everyone the Roanoke September match has been cancelled.
  14. Virginia State Championship at Roanoke Sept 12-13 cancelled

    Gil Gross let me know that he is canceling the Virginia State Championship scheduled for September 12-13. The scheduled date is too close to the NBRSA Group Nationals and only one week after the...
  15. Wayne Campbell wins East-West, Jim Chaney 2nd, Victor Potts 3rd - Results Attached

    Wayne won 2 Gun. My buddy Jim Chaney was 2nd, also winning LV200 and LV Grand. Victor Potts was 3rd.

    Full results are attached.

  16. Bump to keep this at the top. Need that feedback...

    Bump to keep this at the top. Need that feedback guys.

  17. Yeah...I know. Just had to point out the fact...

    Yeah...I know. Just had to point out the fact that you DID beat 4 Hall of Fame members even if one of them helped you. Guess Jack shot himself in the foot!:cool:
  18. There will be one in Precision Rifleman when I...

    There will be one in Precision Rifleman when I submit the writeup for the shoot.

  19. NBRSA SE Region Scheduling issue - Need shooter feedback - IMPORTANT

    We have a Southeast Region scheduling issue and I need to get some feedback from the membership.

    The NBRSA Group Nationals is scheduled for September 20-25 2021 at Holton Michigan. Roanoke has...
  20. Tim Singleton Wins Ted Manning Challenge Roanoke - Full Results Attached

    Tim took four (COUNT EM 4!) Hall of Famers to school at the Ted Manning Challenge!

    Full results attached.

  21. Virginia State Championship at Roanoke coming up next weekend May 15-16

    Roanoke Rifle and Revolver Club in Hardy Virginia will be hosting the 2021 Virginia State Championship next weekend May 15-16. LV-HV 100-200.

    Address: 1305 Gun Club Dr. Hardy, VA 24101
  22. Hogroast 33 - Paul Mitchell Wins HV Grand, Larry Costa wins LV Grand and 2 Gun

    Larry and Paul Kicked everyone's ass to take all the grands.

    70 Shooters showed up for the 33rd Annual Hogroast. Great shoot and lots of fun in challenging conditions.

    Complete results are...
  23. 33rd Hogroast Day 1- Wayne Utchell wins LV 100, Paul Mitchell wins HV 100

    Here are the results for 100 yards.

    Results are attached.

  24. Replies

    Bumping SE Region schedule to the top. Steve

    Bumping SE Region schedule to the top.
  25. Larry Costa wins Shamrock XX 2 Gun, HV Grand...Gary Sullivan wins LV Grand

    Larry Costa took 2 gun and HV Grand. Gary Sullivan won LV Grand.

    Wayne Campbell won LV 100, Larry won HV100, Eddie Harris took HV200 and Gary won LV200.

    Special mention to Steve Hill who, after...
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