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    Larry and the infamous T=shirt scandal.....

    …. Scott Smallwood has been collecting some stories through email to celebrate Larry's shooting career. The "T-shirt incident" is one of those stories. Scott supplied the graphic for those T-shirts...
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    NBRSA Nationals Winners ?

    I would just like to get the 200-yard and grand winners, plus the three-gun winner so I can update the Hall of Fame points.


    Joe Krupa
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    Flag Sponsor NBRSA Nationals


    As we discussed last week, I can be a flag sponsor at the NBRSA Nationals. I use Smiley flags with pin wheels and am a right-handed shooter.

    Joe Krupa
  4. Thread: HOF points

    by Joe Krupa

    No Problem Bob....

    .... that's a great accomplishment. If my math is correct, 300 yards is farther away than 200 yards.

    Good shooting.
  5. Thread: HOF points

    by Joe Krupa

    Going through the HAll of Fame file this week.

    I use whatever has been supplied in the magazines and on this forum.

    I also work with Rex Reneau to make sure what I have agrees with his detail.

    I have Paul Mitchell at 16 and Mark B. with...
  6. Sticky: Update on the United States Benchrest Hall of Fame as of December 2019.

    The United States Benchrest Hall of Fame was established by the staff of Rifle Magazine in 1972. It set the criteria for induction to shoot one’s way into the Hall by acquiring ten points by winning...
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    United States Group Benchrest Hall of Fame

    I'm in the process of updating the Hall of Fame information after the results of both the 2019 IBS and 2019 NBRSA Group Nationals. Hopefully, I will have the complete results in Excel format posted...
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    NBRSA President ?

    Since the NBRSA Nationals are finished, and following up on the thread regarding nomination and voting for the President position, the question becomes is there a new NBRSA President?
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    US Benchrest Hall of Fame

    I've been maintaining the list for Rex Reneau since 2001 and am about to post the 2018 additions in a week or so.

    The file I post to the NBRSA website (where before there was a direct link form...
  10. The 2017 US Benchrest Hall of Fame standings are posted on

    Please visit to see the current standings through October 2017 for the US Benchrest Hall of Fame.

    Joe Krupa
  11. Great Shooting Vic and all the others ....

    ... I believe the old two-gun record was .1931.

    Vic crushed that record by .0012 !
  12. NBRSA Nationals Results - HV 200 and Grand and three-gun ?

    I'm trying to finalize the 2017 Hall of Fame numbers and not sure who won the following events:

    - HV200 and HV Grand, and

    - the Three-Gun.

    I also want to confirm that Don Powell won...
  13. Trying to gte my schedule arranged for Holton, but mayt be a challenge.

    Having a Nationals within three hours of my Michigan home is a dream. But, I am working in New York most of my time now and my schedule is controlled by my boss.

    I have had some of my best, and...
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    Contact information for Dave Deutcsh ?

    I have someone who doesn't post here that needs to have some dies made.


    Joe Krupa
  15. I think I know who wrote this.....

    ..... that guy knows a little about shooting 8208; and has won some at the National level since drafting this writing. He and N133 have a "love-hate" relationship.

    The Bart referred to is Sir Bart...
  16. The current US Benchrest Hall of Fame points have been updated

    Please go to the Group Benchrest Hall of Fame link on this website to see the updated points for the US Hall of Fame.

    And congratulations to Jeff Gaidos for attaining his last three necessary...
  17. Excellent job Tim.

    A teen two-gun is a benchrest shooter's accomplishment of a lifetime.

    Your .1946 was a gnat's eyelash from breaking the WWCCA two-gun range record of .1931.

    Again, congratulations.

    Joe K.
  18. I believe that gives Mr. Gaidos his last three points....

    Unless Jeff gets DQ'd for some unforeseen reason (hopefully not), that gets him his ten required points for the U.S. Benchrest Hall of Fame.

    Great job Jeff.
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    Need to contact Gerry Masker.


    I sent you a private message. Need to discuss something with you.

    Joe Krupa
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    Denny and his family are in Annette's and my ...

    Denny and his family are in Annette's and my prayers.

    Joe Krupa
  21. It's more about accomplishment than politics.

    It is easy to see all sides of issues like this. And anyone who puts their thoughts out their need to understand that it is their opinion, simply that.

    The U.S. Benchrest Hall of Fame was started...
  22. The United States benchrest Hall of Fame totals have been updated.

    Please see the link to Group Hall of Fame on I will check with the IBS website manager to see if it is there also. I am not sure if there is a link on Benchrest Central as there had been...
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    Great shooting Jeff.

    Jeff shoot two teen aggregates at 100 yards on Saturday: an .1804 at LV 100 followed by a .1668 at HV 100. He converted the HV grand aggregate with a sub-.2000 at .1953.

    A teen grand aggregate...
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    Thanks Wayne.

    Lowell told me a week before this hit that he was going to go to the Shamrock and the Hog Roast and also that he wanted to make the US Team so he could go back to New Zealand. His attitude was...
  25. Pete did get into the Club

    [QUOTE=JohnVm;765295] Oh by the way, did you make it into the I beat Krupa club?[

    Yes, John, he did. That club really can't get much bigger. I'm going to make up some T-shirts and sell them. If...
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