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  1. USARB Western Region Championship, March 25-27, 2022

    The Quail Creek Airgun Club, is pleased to announce, that our Saguaro Classic will be the host to the USARB sanctioned Western Region Championship. The event will be limited to 40 competitors and...
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    Mike, is the target the same one we use in...

    Mike, is the target the same one we use in Arizona in our 50 yd matches? We use them in our Orion scoring system and have a couple of thousand of them. Plus we print practice targets regularly, for...
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    Super Opportunity to shoot at a world class facility

    Looking forward to competing for my first time in the Nationals. A cabin has already been rented for a group of Arizonans and the registration fee is in the mail. I am also looking forward to...
  4. Quail Creek Airgun Club - Saguaro Classic - April 26,27,28, 2019

    The Quail Creek Airgun Club in Green Valley, AZ is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Saguaro Classic, April 26,27,28, 2019.

    The Saguaro Classic is the Quail Creek Airgun Club’s Premier event of...
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