What a beautiful day for a tournament at San Angelo, the weather couldn't have been nicer, nor the wind.
That didn't necessarily reflect in some of our scores however as can be seen by the results.
Allen Taylor had the high Unlimited Senior target with a 195 on the 4th card.
Darek Biggs bested that in the Junior Unlimited class with 2 - 195's
David Russell had the high Senior Factory target with a 188 on the 5th card.
For the Junior Unlimited class, Darek Biggs had a 191.5 aggregate & actually would have been 2nd if he were shooting with the Seniors!
Allen Taylor took 1st Place in the Senior Unlimited class with a 192.167 aggregate; He took high 1st; 3rd; & 4th cards - all 190+
Paul Dyer took 2nd place after a lot of futility early on and took the high 5th & 6th cards by breaking ties with Allen Taylor.
Darren Krumwiede was 3rd and took the high 2nd target with a 194.
David Russell took 1st place in the Senior Factory class with a 181.000 aggregate and bested Jerry Willeford by 1 point overall on 6 targets.
Jerry Willeford took the high 1st; 2nd; & 4th card with a 184; 185; & 182 and had an aggregate of 180.833 for 2nd place.
Tom Cunningham's consistency took him to 3rd place.
Howard (Bud) Wilson took the high 3rd target with a tie breaking 178 from David Russell & Ron Herring took high 6th target with a 184.
The results are attached for all to see. There is a pretty nice group photo with the winners in the center for all to see as well.
Our next match is a IR 50/50 match on Oct.13th followed by our final ABRA match on Oct. 27th. The final match for this season will be the
Texas State Championship on Nov. 3rd at Boerne.
Thanks to all the participants today, I enjoyed it and I believe all who were there enjoyed it as well.
I'll see you again at the Range,
Ron Herring