ABRA Kentucky Match Results September 2018

Congratulations to Allen Goodloe, Joe Jarrell, and Colton Gayne for the 1st place wings in the ABRA Kentucky Match 09/09/2018

Allen Goodloe took 1st place in unlimited class shooting an aggregate of 190.50 taking high card on T1-184, T2-190., T3-196, T4-192

Ann Tucker took 2nd place shooting an aggregate of 179.75
T1-180, T2-183, T3-178, T4-178

Joe Jarrell shot an aggregate of 183.75 in Factory Class
T1-181, T2-180, T3-186, T4-188

Colton Gayne shot an aggregate of 188.00 in the Youth Unlimited class T1-180, T2-189, T3-190, T4-193

Congratulations every one.