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Thread: Champions choice 177 pellats

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    Champions choice 177 pellats

    Any folks here who have knowledge regarding these pellets as to their grouping ? Will

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    These pellets are wadcutters for 10 Meter shooting and are made by H&N...H&N selects their pellets coming out of the same molds in 3 categories: Finale, Match and Sport; pretty much the same ELEY does with their Tenex, Match, Edge and Club .22 RF ammo and their Tenex and Ventus airgun pellets, all come from the same dies and machines but are selected with different standards.

    I understand that these Champions Choice pellets are of the "Match" quality but I have no experience with this particular CC brand...I shot some good lots of H&N Finale 2 years ago and before definitely switching to JSB for BR and FT, I used to shoot Barracudas very successfully. H&N are very good top of the line pellets.

    For 10 Meter I use RWS R-10's and RWS Meisterkrgelns for practicing...At any high level ISSF match you will mainly find H&N Finale, RWS R-10 and Qiang Yuan mostly used by oriental shooters.



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