The IR 50/50 Hall of Fame represents life time achievement. Hall of Fame points are awarded forever, and accumulate over your entire shooting career.

If you want points you must earn them. The only way to do that is to attend, and do well, at the events where they are awarded.

If you are looking to move up to the Bronze level, or perhaps move up to the silver, or gold level your best chance to do so, is to attend the IR 50/50 Nationals 21-23 September 2018 at Kettlefoot Gun Club, Bristol Va.

This years Nationals will offer up the most Hall of Fame points ever offered in a single weekend. 101 points available, yes that is right 101 points will be up for grabs.

No, it is not possible for one person to win that many points, but everyone will have a chance to win some of those points. See the IR 50/50 rule book for the complete break down.