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Thread: Sizing die dimensions vs reamer dimesions

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    Quote Originally Posted by brickeyee View Post
    And no matter how well you match the die to the chamber as the hardness and spring back of the brass change the size of the shell will vary.

    Even if everything else is the same.
    That is time to $hitcan your brass.

    Have a friend that built a 30BR for his brother. After a bit brother needed another barrel. Head space exactly the same as the old barrel, same reamer and so on. He had a very hare time extracting the brass. He sent me a sample of the brass fired in each chamber-unsized. It was also unmarked so I wouldn't let it alter my thoughts. Ball mic showed the necks were the same, head space within .0002, shoulder diameter the same, diameter above the extractor groove the same, and over all length the same. The problem was solved when new brass was used. It had about 30 firings on each round.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Butch Lambert View Post
    That is time to $hitcan your brass.
    Or anneal the cases.

    I do it for my varmint rifle since the cases require a lot of prep.

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