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Thread: So you think you can shoot!

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    So you think you can shoot!

    The IR 50/50 Nationals is scheduled for 21, 22, and 23 September 2018.

    The Sporter Nationals will be Friday 21 September. Three National titles at stake. Sporter Yards Champion, Sporter Meters Champion, and the Sporter AGG. Champion. These matches are considered by many to be the most difficult IR 50/50 RFBR matches, barring the Sporter 10-shot.

    The 3-Gun Nationals will be Saturday 22 September. Three National titles at stakes. 3-Gun Yards Champion, 3-Gun Meters Champion, and the 3-Gun AGG. Champion. This event requires multiple rifles of differing weights, and optics of differing powers. No one trick ponies here.

    The Unlimited Nationals will be 23 September. Three National titles at stake. The Unlimited Yards Champion, the Unlimited Meters Champion, and the Unlimited Agg. Champion. This is an open class where you can shoot about anything you can get to the bench. All ARA rifles are eligible for this class.

    This is a total of 9 National titles at stake, but there is more! This year IR 50/50 will Crown a Champ of Champs. Highest overall agg. of all events.

    That is 10 National titles in one weekend, at one range.

    If you think you can shoot, show up with all you got. There are 50 benches at Kettlefoot, room for everybody.

    If you can't shoot this year, show up and see what is going on. You may decide to be part of it next year. This is a one stop shop to get all the information on Rimfire Benchrest (RFBR) shooting.


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