ABRA Georgia Match Results 08.28.2018
Congratulations to Jim Haley, Ricky Haley and new youth shooters Will Fortson and Jackson Hudson for their 1st place wins in the ABRA Georgia Match held on 08.28.2018
Jim Haley took 1st place in Unlimited Class shooting an aggregate of 196.33 taking high card on T1-195, T2-195 and T3-199
Ricky Haley took 1st place in Factory shooting an aggregate of 185.33 taking high card on T1-185 and T3-191
Ken Danals took 2nd place shooting an aggregate of 183.667 taking high card on T2-185
Will Fortson took 1st place in the Youth Factory Class taking high card on T1-174, T2-174, T3-170 aggregate of 172.667
Jackson Hudson in the Youth Unlimited Class shot an aggregate of 140.33 T1-166,T2-128, T3-127