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Thread: Did You Ever Have To Fix Your Lathe........

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    Glad you got it done.
    I assumed since there were no dowel pin holes, the hold down bolts had a ground shoulder fit. Evidently you had a little slack.

    My alignment tools for heavy pieces were: A 3lb short handle slugging hammer, a 1 X 10" piece of brass round stock, a dial indicator and a little touch.

    It all comes with practice.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mturner View Post

    Is there enough room to put a sleeve over the thin section?

    Michael, if you look at the picture, you can see that the hub of the gear barely clears the major diameter of the gear it meshes with when in fine feed mode. There simply is no room to increas the outside diameter.

    Maybe another design flaw? I think it is. It would seem to me that common sense would dictate that any hardened gear asembly that is subject to any type of shock load would have to be as robust as possible.

    Just an opinion from my lifetime as a machinist, but I see some serious problems. All of these sliding gear shafts should have been on splines, not single key ways and key seats. There Gould have been adequate room to insure each component had enough wall thickness to insure it could stand up to the rigors of operation without failure. Add the fact that there is little access to these parts without first doing a very labor intensive disassembly.

    The Lathe is back in service. We have a lot of Rudder Tubes and Stern Tube assembly's to machine.
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    Jackie that looks like a gear box out of 37 Chev.

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    What might be an alternative?

    I guess if it were mine, I be thinking the machine my need a good dose of swap but what might be a better alternative?


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