Camp Maria's USARB Match August 11, 2018

Saturday's match found a day that was hot and very windy. It was hard if not imposable at times to weave a shot through the dragon tail snipping, popping hot winds. Jim Benson found the route to the X 24 times on the first match of the day and 21 times in the second match of the day. That was nice shooting Jim.
Name Class Equipment/Cal. T1 Score x's T2 Score x's T3 Score x's Total Score Total x's
Relay 1
Matt Spradlin HV RAM BM 500 .177Cal. T1 237 5x T2 240 5x T3 245 6x Total 722 16x
Jim Benson LV FWB P 70 JR .177Cal. T1 243 8x T2 249 10x T3 246 6x Total 738 24x
Dave Zinski LV Thomas .177Cal. T1 240 6x T2 242 4x T3 244 4x Total 726 14x
Relay 2
Matt Spradlin HV RAM BM 500 .177Cal. T1 240 2x T2 241 7x T3 234 1x Total 715 10x
Jim Benson LV FWB P70 JR .177Cal. T1 244 6x T2 246 7x T3 241 8x Total 731 21x
Dave Zinski LV Thomas . 177 Cal. T1 240 6x T2 239 2x T3 235 2x Total 714 10x

Dave Zinski Match Director