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Thread: New York State/ Northeast Regional 3-Gun Championship results

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    New York State/ Northeast Regional 3-Gun Championship results

    We had a decent turnout for our Championship matches at the Salem Pistol and Rifle Club this past weekend, with 11 shooters on Sat. for the Yards matches and 12 on Sunday for the Meters matches. All of the shooters other than myself traveled a minimum of 2.5 hrs to 8 hrs for Tony Harper, who took home a big chunk of the 32 HOF points up for grabs this weekend.

    We arrived at the range in a torrential downpour Saturday morning, but the rain was gone by the time we got started. As the temperatures rose and the sun came out, things really got interesting. We didn't have much wind all weekend, but the when the sun hit that wet grass it got really difficult to tell where your bullet was going to go. I don't think I've ever seen so my 8's and even a couple of 7's shot with the heavy guns in less than 5 mph winds!! We shot 136 targets and there were only five 250's, 4 on Sat. and only 1 on Sunday.

    Tony won every target and the 2 and 3-Gun aggs in the first match, the NYS Yards portion of the weekend, as well as the Sporter, 2 and 3-Gun aggs in Sunday mornings' NYS Meters match. He also won the 10.5lb class NE Regional meters match Sunday afternoon and hounded the eventual winners, placing 2nd in almost every other category behind Maine's Gary Hamilton and Keith Royal.
    Sat afternoons standouts were Tim Simbari, Gary Hamilton and Ken Henderson, each winning a target, Gary taking the 2-gun by 2 X's over Ken, and Tim winning the 3-Gun.

    I would like to thank all of the shooters who helped out with setup, scoring, and cleanup. I literally could not have made it through the weekend without you guys!!!

    Here are the top 3 for each target and match, with complete results attached below:

    New York State Yards:
    Tony Harper- 249-16X
    George Boyle- 249-15X
    Keith Royal- 248-14X

    Tony Harper- 250-19X
    Gary Hamilton- 249-17X
    George Boyle- 249-16X

    Tony Harper- 250-14X
    Keith Royal- 249-17X
    Gary Hamilton- 249-16X

    Tony Harper- 500-33X
    Gary Hamilton- 498-33X
    Keith Royal- 498-29X

    Tony Harper- 749-49X
    Keith Royal- 746-43X
    George Boyle- 745-46X

    Northeast Regional Yards
    Tim Simbari- 249-13X
    Tony Harper- 249-11X
    William Colbert- 248-16X

    Ken Henderson- 249-16X
    Keith Royal- 249-14X
    Gary Hamilton- 249-12X

    Gary Hamilton- 250-19X
    Ken Henderson- 250-13X
    Keith Royal- 249-17X

    Gary Hamilton- 499-31X
    Ken Henderson- 499-29X
    Keith Royal- 498-31X

    Tim Simbari- 746-42X
    William Colbert- 746-39X
    Tony Harper- 744-40X

    New York State Meters
    Tony Harper- 247-16X
    Todd Cipolla- 247-14X
    William Colbert- 247-12X

    Gary Hamilton- 249-17X
    Tony Harper- 249-10X
    William Colbert- 248-16X

    Keith Royal- 249-15X
    Tony Harper- 249-13X
    Todd Cippola- 248-11X

    Tony Harper- 498-23X
    Keith Royal- 497-25X
    William Colbert- 495-29X

    Tony Harper- 745-39X
    Keith Royal- 743-33X
    William Colbert- 742-41X

    Northeast Regional Meters
    Keith Royal- 249-11X
    William Colbert- 247-16X
    Tony Harper- 247-12X

    Tony Harper- 249-18X
    Gary Hamilton- 249-14X
    Ken Henderson- 249-13X

    Gary Hamilton- 250-15X
    Tony Harper- 249-13X
    Keith Royal- 249-13X

    Gary Hamilton- 499-29X
    Tony Harper- 498-31X
    Keith Royal- 498-24X

    Keith Royal- 747-35X
    Tony Harper- 745-43X
    Gary Hamilton- 745-37X
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    Not easy running a match in that kind of weather as well as shooting in it as well. Overall some really tough, tough, stuff to work through.
    High point of the weekend was meeting and having dinner with Tony's lovely wife.
    Thanks Todd
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    Todd, thanks for running a great match. Also thank you for soliciting the Sightron scope. Nice touch! Of course thanks Sightron!. Had a great time with everyone & the area is as nice anywhere on the planet!
    4 really close matches over the weekend was a bonus. Nice shooting gentlemen!


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    Our Match Directors are the life blood of our sport. I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of them. They are all special people. They give their time and energy so we can have these great weekends of shooting like we just had at Salem New York.

    Todd Banks is among the very best. He ran the match like clock work. Fed us some good food. Served up BBQ and even had the cole slaw to go with it. Not to mention the three favors of Ice Cream we had Sunday. That went down a treat with the 90 degree plus temperatures and nearly 100% humidity.

    As Todd mentioned the guys pitched in and helped out, especially Pete Wass, who helped Todd do the scoring all weekend.

    The level of shooting was as high as any place in the country.

    These guys take their shooting very seriously and you should have seen the greed in their eyes when they saw very little wind showing on the flags. That quickly changed when they watched the bullets fly. Then they realized mirage was giving fits. Scores weren't high but we had a great time.

    Carole and I had dinner with Tim Simbari and Ken Henderson Saturday night. The food was great and the conversation even better. These guys have been shooting a long time and it was good to hear stories of matches of the past and to recall shooters you don't see on the line anymore. That was an evening we will remember.

    Carole and I had a great time. Everyone made us feel welcome.

    The shooters in New York are very lucky to have a place to shoot Like Salem and even luckier to have a Match Director like Todd Banks.

    Enjoy it while you can you never know when you wont be able to anymore.

    Big match coming up in New Hampshire. Don't know if I'm going to make it, but I'm sure William and Keith will do a great job up there.

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    I would also like to thank Todd for the work he has done putting on the match. I always figured that running a match will cost you at least a couple of points. Match directors willingly give up those points every match, kudos to them all.

    Great to see and shoot with several of the guys you only get to see once or twice a year. Competition was brisk, every shooter there has accumulated Hall of Fame points. That included six gold, one silver, and one bronze level members on the line competing. Most of the target winners were determined by x count.

    Congratulations to all the winners, especially Tony, while he didn't win everything, it just seemed like it! You would be hard pressed to find a better group to shoot with. Already looking forward to next year!

    Ken Henderson

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