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Thread: New monthly rimfire match in Central Florida

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    Post New monthly rimfire match in Central Florida

    We are planning to initiate a .22lr 50 yard monthly rimfire rifle competition. The purpose of this post is to gather contact information about level of interest and participation.

    The format will be informal using guidelines/rules from the USBR. The matches will be conducted and supervised by an NRA certified RSO at an NRA sanctioned club in Taveres Florida (time and dates yet to be determined). Cost will be $10 per competitor.

    If you are interested in joining us for these friendly and informal competitions please send an email to:


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    Count me in!

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    Central Fl Rimefire matches

    Id love to attend if the dates line up
    Ive sent you an email
    Kind regards

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    I may be interested

    I am in Florida from late November until early April. It would depend on the day selected. I will offer that Jacksonville holds a monthly IR 50/50 match on the first Saturday of the month, which I attend.

    Rimfire matches can be a can of worms. Benchrest Competition, by a set of rules, isn't for everyone. Some who shoot Benchrest regularly aren't interested in club matches, me being one of them. If I am gonna spend the money on good ammo, I want it to potentially count for something. I am not into shooting just to shoot. Rifles to me are a tool, not a pleasure wand.

    Good luck with your endeavors.


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