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Thread: I waited untill now to mention this, But at 3:AM Sunday Morning, I Had A Heart Attack

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    Best wishes on you health. I have a long family history of cardio disease. 2 stents at 44.
    Ask your Dr about Lisinopril for blood pressure. It's a common bp med they frequently give very small doses to diabetics without bp problems to help preserve Renal function.

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    My Interventional Cardiologist is a really top notch guy.

    My neurologist referred me to him (and uses him).

    He ran a nuclear stress test and I went though with NO symptoms of any type.

    Except the for scan that showed lower oxygen levels in the lower 20% or so of my heart.
    The problem is it is only a 'cartoon' image of the heart.

    He explained that since I had no other symptoms many doctors would let it go.

    Dr. Khurana said "I want a better image."

    Cardiac cath the next week on a Tuesday.
    Major blockage in Left Anterior Descending. LAD. AKA the "widow maker."
    And two others.
    Dr. Garrett (head of surgery at the hospital) glanced briefly at the angiogram and his eyes got big as I lay there.

    I did not get off the stretcher and went down to Cardiac Intense Care Unit (CICU)
    I spent that night in the CICU with Heparin going in both arms and the nurse at the foot of the bed watching the ECG all night.
    She was even spelled by another nurse for her breaks.

    They really did not know if I would make it through the night.

    At 6:30 AM on Wednesday I had a triple bypass by Dr. Garret.
    People wait weeks to get on his schedule.
    They come from NYC to Arlington, VA for this guy. 'Magic fingers.'
    He is so busy he does not open, close, or strip veins from legs.
    Residents open and close, and his partner strips veins.

    Left Mammary Artery to heart (this one lasts forever) and two veins from left leg (these have a more limited life).
    I was home on Saturday morning.

    The nursing staff in in CICU (I spent another 24 hours post surgery there) was stunned I had gotten in to Dr. Garrett's schedule so quickly.
    Then they looked at the chart and said "You are one of Dr. Khurana's patients. That is how you got in."

    He apparently has a decent amount of pull with Dr. Garrett.

    I had moved a refrigerator on Monday.
    By myself for the most part.
    Loaded it on my hand truck, put it in the back of the Tahoe, unloaded it at my Dad's house.
    Hand trucked to front steps into house (six brick steps up).
    Brother helped up the steps.


    Hang in there.
    Find a statin that works for you with minimal side effects.
    And then take the darn things.

    My maternal grandfather died of his first (and only) MI 6 moths before his scheduled retirement date way back in 1967 at 64.

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    Oh, My... Jackie...

    Hi Jackie,

    So sorry to hear of this news, but, glad to hear of your very positive prognosis!

    Will keep you in my prayers for a complete and fast recovery!

    Take Care!


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    There is nothing like going in to the hospital thinking this is the " Big One " for a reality check. Mine was two decades ago but it has helped me TRY and lead a healthier life.

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    Jackie, sounds like the best prognosis that you could have under the circumstances. Glad to hear you are doing as well as you are. Being an old man is relative. Ive always considered that someone who is old as being someone who is 20 years older than you are at the time. I guess when we run out of people older than us well be there.

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    Jackie: Glad they found your problem. Sometimes they sneak up on you disguised as Heart Burn or Indigestion. I now have a total of 10 stents, after a Cabbage, as they refer to a Quad By-Pass, in 2001. Just this last Monday morning that same pain you described hit me at 2AM. Short trip to the ER and they diagnosed the problem and the Cardiologist, set up an appoint with the Cath Lab. Three more stents in a graff that was already residence to several stents. Take my experienced advice, Slow Down and follow the Doctors orders. We need to keep you around for a while longer. I know I want too.

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